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divorceMr. Bushman has practiced 30 years in the area of divorce.

Divorce without children at issue create concerns as to grounds, division of personal property, allocation of debts of the marriage, whether or not to sell the real property, alimony, retirement disposition and with children involved issues arise of legal and physical custody, child support, and who will pay the attorney fees to be incurred.

Mr. Bushman can start with a negotiable retainer and can motion the court to waive the filing fee of $318 if the client’s income is low. Consultation with Mr. Bushman can be scheduled with the client at the client’s convenience during business hours Monday through Friday. Call Mr. Bushman at 801-652-9413 and talk with him directly for a telephone conference and to schedule an appointment. A new client requesting Mr. Bushman’s legal services can expect an initial consultation without charge which will last about an hour to provide information sufficient to commence a divorce case with or without minor children involved.

Mr. Bushman’s office is located just of I-15 at 140 West 9000 South #8 in Sandy, Utah, in the Bank of the West building on the second floor where the law offices are.

Divorce cases in which Mr. Bushman has successfully counseled include:

  • divorceeDivorce requested from wife living out of the country.
  • Divorce requested from husband with children living out of state.
  • Divorce requested from husband having authorized a prenuptual agreement.
  • Divorce requested from wife asking for joint legal and joint physical custody of minor children.
  • Divorce requested from wife asking for shared custody of children without child support.
  • Divorce requested from husband wanting division and sale of equity in real estate.
  • Divorce requested from husband wanting to share debts of marriage.
  • Divorce requested from either party always incurs mediation before trial date is granted. Mediation resolves vast majority of divorce cases without going to trial.


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