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Rex B. Bushman, P.C., Attorney at Law

Rex Bushman welcomes new clients and will make himself available for a free consultation at your early convenience to sit down with or discuss your case by telephone to determine what legal options will best serve your needs.

Rex is kind and courteous and will provide all the necessary time to go over the details of your case to comprehensively evaluate the problem and provide legal advice and services for its successful resolution.

Rex will promptly investigate, prepare pleadings and file your case without delay. During the course of your representation you will always have access by telephone or in person to Rex to answer questions or strategize with you about your matter.

Understanding Mediation in Utah

Mediation is consistently replacing bench trials and jury trials in the state of Utah for resolution of litigation. Mediation is where a third party, often a judge or an attorney, goes back and forth to each party with his or her attorney, in separate rooms, and attempts to resolve the conflict of the civil litigation. Mediation is becoming an acceptable way to resolve disputes because it does not require the parties come to an agreement and thus parties are left to opt for trial if no agreement is reached. Mediation further leaves parties with knowledge of results and certain fulfillment of expectations without incurring the risk and cost of proceeding to trial.


“I had a difficult divorce matter with real properties and their mortgages to fairly divide between my wife and myself. Further, I had a potential alimony obligation to my wife though she had been saving her earnings during the marriage while I had been paying all marital obligations. By thoughtful negotiating Rex helped me to adequately divide our properties and debt to my satisfaction without my incurring any alimony obligation to my former spouse.”Thank you Rex for timely and fair resolution of my divorce. – Client – Salt Lake City, Utah

“My former wife had left me with the custody of our three children without paying any child support from the time she left Utah to be employed in Texas. Rex served her with an Order To Show Cause requiring her appearance in our Utah court where the commissioner levied an award for me of over seven thousand dollars for past due support. We thereafter mediated the award and contempt citation and settled with a very favorable property settlement still pending in the divorce proceeding and secured on-going support of seven hundred a month from former spouse. New circumstances working out great for payment of support and visitation agreed to.”Thank you Rex. – Sandy, Utah

“After being turned away from a number of large and high profile law firms, I took my malpractice case against a local physical therapist to Mr. Bushman. With his extensive research, knowledge and negotiation abilities we were able to mediate a settlement that was more than acceptable to all parties and get the issue behind me. Thanks Rex for being there for us..”Grateful Patient – Orem, Utah

“After I was taken advantage of by another attorney in my auto accident claim, this attorney actually took the proceeds from my settlement and left the country. Mr. Bushman has restored my faith in this system by obtaining for me a second settlement for the injuries I sustained in a terrible auto accident. Thanks for caring Rex and for taking on the tough projects”Auto accident and fraud victim – Salt lake City, Utah

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